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Myrtle Beach Challenges and Quests

by PlylerPark

Looking for some family activity time? Try one or all of the Myrtle Beach Challenges and Quests! All of these activities are family friendly digital adventure games. Get out your smartphone and use the provided clues to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and find each checkpoint. These challenges are perfect for families, couples, and everyone looking to have a fantastic time in Myrtle Beach. Details on each challenge can be found below.

All Myrtle Beach Challenges and Quests have a starting point that is close to Plyler Park.

3Quest Challenge

Using your smartphone, you will conquer three different quests. What will these quests be? Who knows! With each completed quest, you’ll receive a clue. Gather your clues to solve a final puzzle and finish the 3Quest Challenge. Oh, and did we mention that you’re 3Quest Challenge is being timed? This interactive quest is great for families, spouses, children, youth organizations, company outings, and more.

Crazy Dash

Crazy Dash is more than a walking tour, it’s a wild sorta “outside the box” kind of guided Digital Adventure Game.

The object of the game is to have a blast with your friends and/or family, explore the city, & learn a little. Each Dash has 8+ checkpoints. At each checkpoint you’ll answer a question with the given clues or perform a Crazy Dash Task. Be prepared to perform crazy tasks, photograph yourself doing them! Form teams, race your friends, or just have an afternoon of fun with family or friends. Oh, and remember you’re not alone; you’ll have a guide just a call away, that can help you if you get stuck.

Wacky Walks

Learn all about Myrtle Beach while enjoying the zany fun of a Wacky Walk!

Wacky Walks is an unique walking game. Similar to a board game in which the power, or control, goes from one player to the next.  The Wacky Walk consists of several “Quests”, with the starting point and the ending nearby.

The Wacky Walk is completely walkable, and usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

Zombie Scavengers Hunt

The objective of the Zombie Scavengers Hunt is to find survival items around the city while evading the undead. Each item you find will increase your odds of living. Your bug out team needs 3,000 points in order to win. Don’t leave anyone behind! Zombie Scavengers is appropriate for all ages.

Myrtle Beach Challenges and Quests are brought to you by Franks Marketing out of Summerville, SC.

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