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FREE Entertainment Jimmy Beats Band June 26

by PlylerPark

Come on down to Plyler Park on Saturday, June 26, starting at 7 p.m. and groove to the reggae sounds of Jimmy Beats!

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and based out of Northeast Florida, Jimmy Beats as the name indicates, is a beat maker as well as a record producer, studio engineer and multi-instrument musician.

In 2003, Jimmy Beats established DarkBeatsMusic, he was a sought after underground hip hop producer working with some of the most grittiest, talented rappers and singers from the underground music scene in the city of Jacksonville, Fl.

Jimmy Beats Plyler Park
Jimmy Beats

Early 2004, Viacom/MTV Networks contacted Beats about producing hip hop instrumentals for various programs and specials including: Punk’d, Making The Video, Making The Movie, Britney Spears “Road To Miami” as well as other special programming. After several years of successfully producing instrumentals for MTV and always a big reggae fan, Beats began to work with Jamaican artists most notably dancehall artist Royal Mosiah.

In 2010, Beats produced Royal Mosiah’s debut album “Trip To JA”. Presently, stepping out from behind the console to pursue his passion of writing and recording reggae music.

Beats is grateful to be in the unique position as record producer and reggae artist. When asked about his passion for reggae music Jimmy Beats has been quoted, “Over the years many musicians have influenced me, none as much as Bob Marley, his music not only transcends racial and social boundaries but draws you down a path that enlightens the soul.”

From darkbeatsmusic.com

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